Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Okay, blame this one on Paul Guyot. He got "tagged" in something called an Internet meme wherein you have to answer a few questions then "tag" other people to answer the same ones. This combines the fun of a one of those "Which [blank] are you?" quizzes with the friend-making possibilities of of a chain letter. I got tagged a couple days ago, and I've just now gotten around to answering. Without further ado:

1 - Imagine it’s 2015. You are visiting the library at a major research university. You go over to a computer terminal (or whatever it is they use in 2015) that gives you immediate access to any book or journal article on any topic you want. What do you look up? In other words, what do you hope somebody will have written in the meantime?

Like several others have answered, I’d look up my own name, of course. I'd look to see if I ever sold my idea for a novelization of Steve Earle's Copperhead Road. Then I'd check to see who won the bet between Guyot and David J. Montgomery. I'd look for Lee Goldberg's Reno 911! novelizations.

After that, with fear and trembling, I'd look for the thing I dread most: Private Ears: The Bunny Noir Anthology (Duane Swierczynski, ed.)

2 - What is the strangest thing you’ve ever heard or seen at a conference? No names, please. Refer to “Professor X” or “Ms. Y” if you must. Double credit if you were directly affected. Triple if you then said or did something equally weird.

I’m such a newbie…haven’t been to any conferences per se, but I did have a group of women at a Moveable Feast of Authors tell me that they wanted to sleep with my hero.

3 - Name a writer, scholar, or otherwise worthy person you admire so much that meeting him or her would probably reduce you to awestruck silence.

Man, nobody can shut me up. Neil Gaiman might come close. If I ran into H.L. Mencken, Jim Thompson or Raymond Chandler, I might be silent, not out of awe but out of fear.
Because they're like, you know, dead.

4 - What are two or three blogs or other Web sites you often read that don’t seem to be on many people’s radar?


For superhero fans:


Now, who to pass this on to....

Okay, Bill Crider! C'mon down!

Sandra Scoppettone! C'mon down!

And Polly PI! Put on the writer hat and c'mon down!


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least I got a new blog out of it - Sandra looks more interesting and intelligent than either of us.

Which isn't saying much, I guess.

JD Rhoades said...

Sandra looks more interesting and intelligent than either of us.