Friday, February 10, 2006

Letters, Oh I Get Letters.....

The Pilot Newspaper - Opinion Page today:

It was so apropos that the column of Dusty Rhodes [sic] appeared beside the opinion of Jack Taylor in Sunday’s (Feb. 5) Pilot. Dusty playfully supposed that words from the White House are to repeat that “everything is going great” enough times and it will be true. If anyone should report otherwise, they are to be attacked and ridiculed. Jack, who would do well on the White House staff, is doing just that — repeat it enough times and everyone will think it’s true. He says that “lefties” are damaging our military morale, and giving encouragement to the Islamic radicals (repeated rhetoric from the White House).

I was the Commanding Officer of a U.S. destroyer (operating off Vietnam) during the Vietnam conflict, and the crew’s morale was not based on anything that the news media or the “lefties” said or did. It was based upon performing the job well.

And, how do we know that the new government being established in Iraq will be dedicated to freedom and as it spreads it will make our country much safer (more White House rhetoric)?

His statement about the mindset of most of the judges who were put on the federal bench in recent years has been unconstitutional, anti-Christian and near-decadent is completely without proof. Where does he get this kind of information? Conservatives may be in control of our government and courts now, but “what goes around comes around.”

Joseph Mitchell, Capt., USN (Ret.)

God bless the U.S. Navy....


James Lincoln Warren said...

Anchors aweigh, baby.

James Lincoln Warren,
Commander, USNR

David Terrenoire said...

Commander Warren,

I have to say, if I had never seen your picture and someone took me to a party of 500 strangers and asked me to pick out Commander James Lincoln Warren, I'd have no trouble finding you.

I knew one other guy who so closely looked like his name, and he was Tynsley Van Durand, a man who loosened up to go to dinner at Spago by not wearing his tie.

CKW said...

I'd have to agree with the comment, morale came from doing a good job and getting off the boat once in a while. I got to see the mediterranean from the comfort of the USS Forestal CV59 on her last voyage. After that she became the training carrier, not sure whats up now. Oh the memories. Granted I was at the opposite end of the spectrum from James, Just a lowly e-3 at the time. Got out pretty soon afterwards.