Wednesday, April 05, 2006


At least that's what Graham tells me. We've got some tech issues resolved (hint: don't use Word to draft posts) and we should be back to updating regular-like. If you've missed us, scroll down and see all the bloggy goodness.


Graham said...

To get technical, Word creates tags with a prefix, which the XML format doesn't like. Regular HTML tags looks like <b>this</b>, but Word uses stuff like <o:b>this</o:b>.

XML uses prefixes to differentiate between differnt tags that happen to have the same name, i.e. <a:tag> and <b:tag>, but they have to be explicitly defined, otherwise it pukes.

There's also an easy way to tell XML not to interpret the contents of the post. I have no idea why Blogger isn't doing this.

JD Rhoades said...

Thanks for the help, Graham! And I'll keep the explanation in mind.