Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ

Tony Snow On The 2,500 US Troops Killed In Iraq: "It's A Number"

Uhh..yeah. I guess that's true.

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For The Trees said...

Ah, Dusty, the very best part is the bullshit reported straight-faced by ABC's World News Tonight, Thursday June 15th:

(words to this effect): A paper has been found in Iraq which says the U.S. military campaign in Iraq has been so successful that Al-Quaida has had to divert their attention with troubles in Iran. The paper is not written in the usual religious hyperbole nor is it signed, and the origins of it are suspect, in that it was found "somewhere in Iraq" and it is undated, plus no one can say when it was found.

Shit. Sounds to me like Karl Rove got back on his pony real fast, this stinks like something he'd put out himself.

Makes me wonder if the Reds are gonna rig the elections in November and then again in 2008, just to keep their people in power. The religious right is ornery enough to do that.

Shit, none of that made any sense, did it? Sorry.