Friday, October 27, 2006

Contempt For Competence III

Bush Balks at Criteria for FEMA Director: President Bush reserved the right to ignore key changes in Congress's overhaul of the Federal Emergency Management Agency -- including a requirement to appoint someone with experience handling disasters as the agency's head -- in setting aside dozens of provisions contained in a major homeland security spending bill this week.

That's right, folks...George Dubbya Bush appears to have learned nothing whatsoever from the Katrina Debacle. He's used one of his infamous "signing statements" to tell us that he's free to ignore a requirement in the FEMA overhaul bill that requires that the person heading the Federal Emergency Management Agency actually know something about emergency management.

The Dear Leader jealously guards his prerogative to put unqualified political hacks into vital positions where the lives of Americans hang in the balance. And if Congress won't approve said hack...well there's always the recess appointment process!

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Gena said...

There is no cave deep enough to get away from his logic.

I want my country back. If I can't have my country back then can we at least require a critical thinking test before we allow a person to run for office?