Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey, Swierczynski, You Know This Guy?

City Newsstand Owner Refuses To Stop Selling Porn:
"(AP) PHILADELPHIA The city of Philadelphia is moving to close down a newsstand near the Liberty Bell whose owner allegedly insists on selling pornography.

He also posted a sign threatening to rape anyone who objects.

City officials say Mouhammed Shaukat was warned to stop displaying pornography at his stand at Sixth and Chestnut streets because of the hundreds of tourists who pass by.

Officials say Shaukat refused and then posted a sign using the f-word and threatening to rape those who complained.

Shaukat showed up at a City Council committee Wednesday and was grilled by lawmakers Frank DiCicco and Frank Rizzo Junior. Shaukat replied: “It’s just a writing.”

The committee approved a bill to close the newsstand. The measure now goes to the full Council."

Damn, I really need to see more of Philly.


David Terrenoire said...

Was he displaying The City Paper in public? That can't be allowed.

I hear the editor is a communist.

Duane Swierczynski said...

I kept telling Uncle Mouhammed, "Dude, I said to threaten to skull-fuck those who complain. Rape is such a dirty word."

You boys really should visit the City of Brotherly Love one of these days...

Stephen Blackmoore said...

"You boys really should visit the City of Brotherly Love one of these days..."

Not if it doesn't let porn on it's streets, I wont. I have standards, you know.