Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kick-Ass Chick of the Day

cbs2.com: (CBS) PALM SPRINGS, Calif. A murder suspect armed with an Uzi sub-machine gun led police on a high speed car chase through Palm Springs and a foot pursuit thereafter before being detained, police said.

The pursuit ensued about 4 a.m. when a silver Pontiac Grand Am with a burned out license plate lamp tried to elude a pursuing police car on Palm Canyon Drive, according to a Palm Springs Police Department statement. The pursuit reached speeds of 70 mph.

After making a U-turn on Bogart Trail, the Pontiac sped through residential streets, 'often on the wrong side of the roadway,' according to the statement.

A flat tire forced the suspect and his accomplice to abandon the Pontiac in the 2800 block of Palm Canyon Drive and flee in opposite directions.

The pursuing officer, with one year of experience on the force, chased the driver, identified as Jason Lee Gillespie, 29, of San Diego, and grabbed him as he attempted to scale a wall. Police noted that the officer is a 5-foot-2 woman and the suspect is 6 foot 5 and weighs 235 pounds.

A backup officer arrived as the woman yanked the suspect off the wall. That was when police noticed Gillespie had an Uzi strapped to his shoulder. The suspect was disarmed and detained without a shot fired.

Heh. Absolutely bad-ass. I do loves me some tough girls.

Thanks to alert reader Stephen Blackmoore for this one.


Cornelia Read said...

Think we could get this chick to go retrain those idiot undercover guys in Queens? She sounds Most Awesome!

David Terrenoire said...

As our uniformed brothers say so eloquently:


Anonymous said...

She's fearless.
Thanks for posting it.

Nevada Barr, who also is 5 foot nothing and weighs nothing, described during a reading her encounter with a very tall, very big poacher when she worked for national park system. She had a lousy shift, lousy car and inadequate gear. And no handcuffs to fit this big guy. So she told him to sit there in the car and wonder what'll happen when his momma finds out? Apparently it worked,. the guy was reduced to blubbering and he was brought in to jail.


Anonymous said...
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JD Rhoades said...

David: I thought it was hoo-ah.

David Terrenoire said...


I remember my nephew (Spec Ops, 3rd tour) seeing it for the first time and saying, "Huh, I wondered how that was spelled."

So I think it's up for grabs until Oxford makes it official.

Elizabeth said...

That chick is my hero!

Tasha Alexander said...


Catzmaw said...

I got to this discussion a little late, I know, but I just felt compelled to add something about another kickass woman.

My Marine niece, fresh back from Iraq, was treated to drinks by her CWO, a 5 foot 3 woman who was the Marine Corps' first female MP.

I don't have permission to name names, so on to the gist of her story. We were talking about how necessary it is for women, especially small women, to take the most direct, crippling action in a violent encounter with a man because they usually have only that one chance before the encounter goes south in a hurry.

She recounted how she parked one night and heard distant cries in some woods near the barracks. Following them to their source she found a drunk Marine raping a Navy woman. She had no gun with her, and this guy was huge, so she decided the only thing for it was to grab him by the balls and squeeze. That worked just fine. She told him if he gave her any trouble he'd be singing soprano at Leavenworth, and he ended up meekly proceeding all the way back to the parking lot in what had to be a VERY uncomfortable bind for both of them, and she called for help. He's serving 40 years. She went on to command a mortuary affairs unit in Iraq. She looks like a nice mommy type driving a minivan, but she plays for keeps.