Thursday, November 16, 2006

Your Liberal Media at Work

House Democrats name Hoyer to No. 2 post.

Let me be the first to say--"whatever." Two months from now, nobody's going to remember this. But right now, the so-called liberal media is spinning this as a crippling defeat for Speaker Elect Nancy Pelosi, who'd written a letter supporting Hoyer's rival for the post, Congressman John Murtha.

Of course, when Murtha was the front runner, that same "liberal media" was spinning that as a defeat for the Democrats on ethics reform, in part because somewhere there's an hour long videotape of Murtha from 26 years ago that shows him not accepting a bribe.

I'll also note that the same media types that were wringing their hands when Joe Lieberman didn't get the Democratic nomination for Senator in Connecticut and moaning that "the Democrats are intolerant of dissent in the ranks! They're marching in liberal lockstep to their doom!" are now claiming the Democrats are in "disarray" because there was a contested election for the #2 post. Of course, they're also trying to claim that the electoral victory of this party (which two months ago was in the clutches of leftists stifling all dissent) was actually a victory for conservatives. Or moderates. Just anybody but liberals.

"Heads Republicans and conservatives win, tails liberal Democrats lose" --that's your "liberal media" at work.


J. Carson Black said...

There's a book called LAPDOGS: HOW THE PRESS ROLLED OVER FOR BUSH, by Eric Boehlert, which goes into depth about the liberal media myth and just how far the media goes the other way while trying to appear "fair and balanced". And it's been going on for a very long time.

Remember Al Gore's fashion choices?

Don't get me started on what they did to the Clintons. (Although, like the Shake n Bake ad, Clinton "helped")

Remember the press treating the swiftboat charges (known lies) as just the other point of view? Had to fair!

I saw the talking points Fox News used to blast the Dems for infighting. Keith Olbermann put them up. But the fact is, the day after the Dems got in, all the talk on all the cable news channels was about the Democrats' infighting.

Apparently, you can botch an illegal war, and when it goes wrong, cover your ears and say, "lalalalalalalalala", but if you have an honest disagreement for the number 2 guy in the House, that's *real* news.

David Terrenoire said...

It's all just noise they mouth in order to sell you shit.

Unless they're interviewing me, which doesn't happen nearly enough.

Jim Winter said...

When I hear "lies of the liberal media" and "vast right wing conspiracy," I simply deduct 75 IQ points from my perceived intelligence of the speaker and begin conversing as though with a child.

A slow child.

Pundits are useless.