Saturday, April 07, 2007

God Help Me, I Do Love Me Some Geek Humor

The Inbox Of Nardo Pace, The Empire's Worst Engineer

One of my favorites:

Subject E-11 Blaster Rifle Calibration Still Off
From Stormtrooper Commander 09731 <>
Date A Long Time Ago 3:51 PM
To Nardo Pace

As you know, the E-11 has come a long way since its initial prototype. Thanks to your hard work over the past three years the rifle no longer fires completely sideways, and with your latest revision, the number of casualties resulting from blaster fire being directed completely backwards has been drastically reduced.

That said, the E-11 still has some accuracy issues. We recently bolted one of the rifles to a testing mechanism so that it couldn't move even a millimeter, then set up a human-sized target six feet in front of the blaster's barrel. Shooting in two second intervals, we let the E-11 fire at the target continuously for three days.

The result? Not one shot hit the target. I realize you're busy, but perhaps we can go over the design one more time and iron this out.

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