Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Suppose It Was Inevitable

World of Warcraft Gets Its First Hooker

And she has her own costume!

Hello I need 5000 world of gold for my epic flying mount. In return you can mount me.

You have to have an account on the laughing skull server and I want the 5000 gold BEFORE we do anything, we can make the trade at your place since I can't host. EDIT: Because I am having a lot of dumb guys message me who clearly don't have the gold make SURE to send: a picture of yourself and a screenshot of your character with the 5000g, I will be checking armory profiles, thanks.

I play a level 70 night elf druid and would prefer someone who was into roleplaying (I have a costume!) but honestly anyone will do, as long as you have the gold. I would also be ok with a woman too, as long as you have the gold! Also not adverse to the idea of groups\anal.

Please send a pic and be real and drug\disease free with 5000 gold on the laughing skull server.

For 5,000 gold she better have more than a costume. In fact she better make me some damn breakfast.

Note: I do not play World of Warcraft. I'm afraid if I start, no one will ever see or hear from me again.


Jim Winter said...

Role playing: Why I have never regretted being a costumed Trekkie. That and I gave it up after a couple of years.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Don't start, Dusty. Dear god, whatever you do, don't start. You have deadlines and contracts to fulfill, books to write.

But if you do, from one geek to another, check out the Baelgun server.

inkgrrl said...

The Smegheads on the Baelgun server, to be precise ;-)

Indiana Joe said...

This brings new meaning to the term, "epic mount".