Monday, July 30, 2007

He's Lucky The Judge Didn't Hold Him In Contempt

Convicted killer threatens Durham jury

DURHAM - Tyrone Dean loudly and profanely proclaimed his gang allegiance and threatened the jury that sentenced him Monday to life in prison for a 2004 killing.

Dean, 22, was one of four people accused of shooting and killing Reginald Diondra Johnson, 22, on Weaver Street. He became the first to be convicted and sentenced on Monday.

The jury spent most of the day deliberating and returned with a verdict just before 5 p.m. After the guilty verdict was rendered, Dean launched into a tirade against the jurors and judge J.B. Allen.

"Thanks to y'all for giving that verdict," Dean said as he clapped sarcastically.

Allen snapped, "Be quiet before I slap tape over your mouth."

But Dean ignored him and looked directly at the jurors when he said, "Hope you have a nice ride home. I'll have someone following y'all."

Jurors, some of them in tears, were escorted out of the courthouse by sheriff's deputies.

Some people have no damn gratitude at all....


Anonymous said...

Today's article had his attorney spinning you gotta expect some reaction when an innocent person gets life.

Couldn't more charges be added for threats?


JD Rhoades said...

Couldn't more charges be added for threats?

Yeah, but since he's already headed for life without parole, is a Class 2 misdemeanor supposed to scare him?

Anonymous said...

You're right, it wouldn't.

But I thought witness intimidation -- or jury, in this case -- was a problem in Durham. Would like to see some kind of something from a judge.



David Terrenoire said...

(yawn) Just another day in Durham.

Anonymous said...

I was on a jury in this courtroom the same day at 4:55. We left when this jury arrived at its verdict and came back at 9:30 the next morning. As we were preparing to start our trial, Judge Allen sent us to the room, we came back, and all charges were dropped against the defendant b/c the victim was intimidated into not testifying and so the state was dropping the case. WOW.