Friday, August 17, 2007

Truth Is Stranger Than Noir

Police: Optometrist murdered escort who left him at altar:

An optometrist is sitting in a Milwaukee jail while he fights extradition on charges that he murdered an online escort who was supposed to marry him in a sham wedding, but left him at the altar..Police say Dr. Dean Barrette, 44, tracked 24-year-old Alison Daniels to a Minnesota hotel room and shot her in the head...

Police say Barrette and Daniels, 24, met after the doctor's relationship with another escort went sour. The pair met in Las Vegas at the end of July and planned to get hitched at the Chapel of the Bells. According to a probable cause affidavit, police believe Barrette gave Daniels $4,000 in exchange for her vows. The documents do not say why Barrette wanted to enter a sham marriage.

Barrette booked two separate hotel rooms in Las Vegas on July 24 using two separate credit cards. A witness told police he saw Barrette give Daniels a large envelope that the witness believed contained a large sum of money. The pair was supposed to get married that day, but Daniels and the witness took off, leaving Barrette at the chapel with the hotel bill and out $4,000, according to court documents.

Later, on Aug. 6, Daniels was working as an escort in room 840 of the University Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis, police say. She called a friend to say that she was "with the guy from 'that situation in Vegas'" and he was holding a gun to her head, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The friend told police Daniels asked him to wire $4,000 to her. The friend, who was not identified by police, said he thought Daniels was conning him and hung up.

Nine minutes later, the door to Daniels' hotel room opened from the inside, according to key-card records, and there was no more activity from the room, according to court documents.

Daniels was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head later that night.

Two questions: What writer could best do justice to this story?


Who do we get to star in the movie?


C.L. Jahn said...

For the movie: Edward Norton and Lindsay Lohan. Of course, Kevin Spacey and Courtney Love could play it, if we spin the 'couple' a little older.

Jacky B. said...

Writer: Vickie Hendricks (Miami Purity. Iguana Love.)

Movie: Shooter= Gary Oldman.

Hooker= Fairuza Balk.

Best, Jacky B.

Kristy said...

Yeah, but did she wear glasses or contacts?