Saturday, October 06, 2007


I picked this one up a couple of weeks ago in Madison while doing a couple of events with Zoe in Madison and Milwaukee (thanks again to Jon and Ruth Jordan for setting that up). Zoe's a real joy to work with; our event in Madison was basically the two of us batting the conversation back and forth, and it felt as natural as if we'd been working together for years. And hanging out with Zoe and her husband Andy was pure fun. They're both funny as hell, and they're great together.

Finally got some time to read the book, and all I can say is, I am stone in love with Charlie Fox, Zoe's kick-ass protagonist. She's like an Emma Peel for the 21st Century--tough as nails, totally professional in her work as a bodyguard, but she has a heart that can be broken. The plot blasts out of the gate from chapter one, as someone tries to kill Zoe's obnoxious teenage "principal" at a Florida amusement park. From there, the action never lets up as Zoe and the kid run for their lives, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake across the Florida landscape, which is strange enough for Americans, let alone a Brit like Charlie.

I can't wait to get into SECOND SHOT, Zoe's latest.

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