Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Republican Compassion

If you're an Iraq war vet with PTSD, just make sure you hide out, don't let anyone know, and for God's sake don't get in the papers, because there is no one...NO ONE...these Republican thugs won't attack.

After this story about the troubles of a returned vet and his wife ran in the Washington Post, another big brave blogger who skulks behind the pseudonym "Raven" opined:

How does one decipher whether a person is truly mentally ill, or is exploiting their battle experiences to their fullest advantage?

How do we know if Troy is the person he is because of the battlefield experiences, or if he is choosing to be this person because others are enabling him? Since we’re not hearing from Troy’s pre-war family and friends it is difficult to really know what he was life prior to his tour in Iraq.

I’m very skeptical of Troy’s “problems” and so should others [sic] who read this article.

On what evidence, we might ask? We would be disappointed if we did....

He is capable of rational thought and he is making choices. He choses to swallow pills and watch TV in the dark- to shut himself in…to refuse medical/psych care and, I really wonder- the required services that would make him a better person.

Yes, because the mentally ill so often make good choices when it comes to their treatment, especially considering the stigma the military apparently still gives to this kind of injury.

The truly shameful thing is that "Raven" has a picture at the top of "her" blog of a Marine in dress blues, back turned to the viewer, saluting the flag--right next to the drawing of, one supposes, "Raven", "her" own bad self, dressed like a street hooker. In "her" "personal info" section, we find out why, as "she" proclaims in a banner that "Jarheads Make Me Horny."

Maybe "she" should take the picture of the Marine and the flag down until "she" stops shitting on soldiers who sacrificed their sanity in the name of Bush's Big Mistake.

If you can stand to read it, "Raven's" attempt to defend "her" self in the comments section is particularly hilarious. "She" rages at one critic: You’re [sic] comment adds much to this debate. I write an opinion and that’s all you have to say? Typical leftard…assumptions and name calling and sarcastic remarks= is [sic] how the left works.

Comedy gold.

Of course, like most of these thin-skinned right-wingers, big brave "Raven" shut down comments because people were being (sniff) MEAN to "her":

Thats what they ["leftists"] do. Attack. Accuse. Make assumptions. And nothing else.

This little snit, of course, ignores a well reasoned post above it that pretty conclusively refutes "Raven's" claim that the symptoms of the soldier in the article "don't add up" by quoting from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders on PTSD.

And, of course it ignores the fact that "Raven's" entire post was "attacking, accusing, making assumptions and nothing else."

Jesus, these people suck.

(Note: I put 'her" and "she" in quotes, because "Raven" chooses to hide "her" true identity. For all we know, "she" could be a middle aged closeted guy eating Cheetos in Mom's basement and whacking off between blog posts to a DVD of Full Metal Jacket.

Of course, if I couldn't write any better than this turkey, I'd probably use a pseudonym too.)

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