Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time to Kick Fate in the Teeth

Today is the day that Patry Francis' new book THE LIAR'S DIARY comes out. Unfortunately, since Fate is an evil bastard, Patry was diagnosed not long ago with what is described as "a particularly aggressive form of cancer." This means particularly aggressive treatment, which means Patry will not be able to do the usual promotion for the book. So the mystery community is rising to the occasion and doing what they can to get the word out.

Some praise for the book:

Patry Francis writes with a quietly intimate voice, subtly weaving her spell as the tension slowly but surely builds to a fever pitch. Packed with jaw-dropping revelations, LIAR'S DIARY still manages to save one last walloping shock for the end.
-Tess Gerritsen

The Liar's Diary is a beautifully written first novel by an author who has previously distinguished herself through her poetry and short stories.
-Mystery Scene

I was hesitant to start Patry Francis's debut novel, The Liar's Diary, as mysteries are not usually my first choice. However, I was drawn in after just a few pages. The novel starts off with two very unlikely women who are vastly different becoming friends. As it progresses, it becomes an obsessive love story and murder mystery. You won't see the disturbing ending coming.
-Publisher's Weekly

I'm sold, and I'll be ordering the book today. Hope you will too.

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