Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Well, I can't be the fly on the wall I mentioned below, but this is almost as nice.

Tearful Conservatives In Shock - Politics on The Huffington Post: "The Romney faithful were equally apoplectic. McCain's name was booed loudly when it was mentioned, even though CPAC officials had pleaded for cordiality.

'It is like now I have to choose between the left and the radical left,' said Jeffrey Goldberg, a Michigan Republican and Romney supporter. 'John McCain's appearance here will be like David Duke going before the NAACP.'"

That's right, folks. To the wingnut Right, John McCain is a leftist. Or David Duke.

These people are truly, completely, and utterly not right in the head.


Jim Winter said...

My God, I am absolutely giddy about this!

Dear Conservatives:

I am the independent voter, and I pretty much own your ignorant asses now.

So suck it, bitches.



micheinnz said...

From the New Zealand perspective the US doesn't _have_ a left to speak of. (Well, there's Ralph Nader, but even we think he's a bit nuts.)

Mark Terry said...

Both my wife and I--strong Democrats--agree that if we're down to Clinton, Obama and McCain, we can live with any of them.

I'm tickled that the far righters think McCain's too liberal for them. I think he's nicely moderate, frankly (and too old for the job, but sue me for being ageist). When I commented to my wife that I suppose he'll put Huckabee on the ticket to bring on the social and religious conservatives, she said, "Let him put somebody moderate on the ticket. Let's let the ultra-conservative religious nuts know they're a minority that don't run the country."

Can I get an Amen, Brother?

Sean Chercover said...

Amen! Your wife is wise.

JD Rhoades said...

A-MEN, brother Mark.

Unfortunately, McCain seems to be trying to make nice at CPAC.

Unfortunately for McCain, however, wingnuts take any attempt at peacemaking as weakness, and they jammed his conciliatory speech up his ass.

Cornelia Read said...

Ah, yes. My intrepid spouse (AKA Mr. Wingut), refers to him as "John McCommunist."

But at least he doesn't get to vote for Romney.