Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As a Matter of Fact, I DO Take Requests.

Okay, looks like everybody and his cousin Ben is doing that podcasting thing these days. So I downloaded this program called Audacity to the laptop, and I've been messing about with it, trying to learn how it works. I even figured out how to put podcasts on the blog. I think.

So what about it, Hellions? What's the first thing you want to hear from the golden voice of your Humble Blogger? Submit your suggestions here or at the Gang of Hellions group on Facebook. Requests should be something that will run from one to five minutes and that do not involve me declaring my undying love for boy bands or the Bush Administration. Everything else is pretty much fair game. I'll pick the one I like best and run it up the flagpole here.

Decisions of the judge are final.

The winning selection wins a copy of my buddy Julia Spencer-Fleming's upcoming novel, I SHALL NOT WANT, before it becomes available in stores! Now how do you turn THAT deal down?


Doug Riddle said...

Tell us about the origins of Keller, how you came up with him and how did Devil came about.

Celine said...

How about a "sneak preview" of one of your newspaper columns?

BTW, I think we're doing AniMazement again. I'll send you an e-mail with more details.

becky said...

Identify your least favorite movie and why, and if you have time, talk about your favorite movie and why....or vice versa. This might help you open up a little bit. ;-)