Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Said It?

This quota deal they're gonna pull in the next election is the same old scam they've been pulling on us for decade after decade after decade. When their economic policies fail, when the country's coming apart rather than coming together, what do they do? They find the most economically insecure white men and scare the living daylights out of them. They know if they can keep us looking at each other across a racial divide, if I can look at Bobby Rush and think, Bobby wants my job, my promotion, then neither of us can look at George Bush and say, 'What happened to everybody's job? What happened to everybody's income? What ... have ... you ... done ... to ... our ... country?'"

Which "elitist" said this?


becky said...

These words were spoken by Bill Clinton in 1991. Obama's recent gun and religion comments are being compared to this quote. Bill Clinton, elitest?

Anonymous said...

I see becky said it first. That's from William Jefferson Clinton.

JD Rhoades said...

You guys are smart! Now, is the fact that the Clintons are slaming Obama for "elitism" cynical or just fuckwitted? Do the Clintons think we won't notice?

becky said...

I'll take fuckwitted, Dusty. Frankly, I think what both men said is true. This is what I don't like about politics. Politicians slamming each other for saying what they themselves may be thinking anyway. The political process is such a sham! (This opinion was formed from observing the workings of Congress up close and personal when I worked on the Hill.)

An aside: I think the quotes are interesting because they reflect the men who said them. Both men are extremely intelligent (unlike our current president), but Bill's style is definitely more folksy than Barack's more cultured approach. Imagine the backlash if Barack had used Bill's style?

Bill Cameron said...

I'll take fuckwitted as well, and I say that as a fellow who shares initials with ol' Bill C.

David said...

They may not care if we notice because they're counting on much of the political media to spin like tops to make sure that Joe and Jane Average don't.

(Me, cynical? Why would anyone think that?)

Phoebe Fay said...

I have to vote cynical. Well, okay cynical AND fuckwitted. It's not like they're mutually exclusive.

It's just like the current occupant of the White House taught us that stupid and evil are not mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

Much as I want to say fuckwitted, I have to say cynical. Hillary, more than Bill, is someone with a track record of saying anything to make sure she looks good. Remember Travelgate? When the GOP expressed outrage over the travel office firings?

Says Alex Trebeck, "No, I'm sorry, Mrs. Clinton. The answer we were looking for was, 'Yeah? So what? We're allowed to do that.' Mr. McCain, the Daily Double. 'The number of Purple Hearts John Kerry won in Vietnam.'"

"What is 'Three?' Alex?"


"I'll take Annoying Talk Show Hosts from Cincinnati Supporting My Party for $1000, Alex."

"A bigger whiner than Tracy Jones, a Sean Hannity groupie, and someone who should be thrown under a bus more often."

"Who is Bill Cunningham, Alex?"