Friday, June 13, 2008

The Two Craziest Days of Your Working Life

(1) The day before you leave on vacation.
(2) The day you come back.



eviljwinter said...

They are dumping MORE work on me today as I prepare to flee, all the while asking me, "Weren't you supposed to be gone already?"

The intern is hanging out more in my cube.


I have not so politely informed my coworkers that the Crackberry gets powered off at 3:45 PM today. Screw you guys! I'm outta here!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Have a great time. We go Tuesday.

becky h said...

And not only do we have piled up work to finish, we have piled up clothes to wash and pack. Sometimes I need the vacation to get over all the preparation required to leave home.

Enjoy your time off, Dusty!