Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank You, Frazer! or, that Notable Thing Again....

As you no doubt are aware, BREAKING COVER was recently named a "notable book" by the independent booksellers' association Indiebound. And I have Frazer Dobson of Park Road Books in Charlotte to thank for it. His review at notables notables notables notables:

Brilliant FBI agent Tony Wolf has been in hiding for years, from both the bureau and the murderous biker gang he was investigating from within. He thinks he's managed to evade his past, but the past has an aversion ot staying dead. Rhoades is a writer to watch--his sly, graceful way of evoking character and setting makes BREAKING COVER shine.

Frazer rulez. Go show him and Park Road Books some love.


Tom said...

Count on it, Dusty. Friday is payday. Maybe he has a copy of LEFT HAND, too.


David Thayer said...

I second Frazer's comments about BREAKING COVER. Just finished reading it yesterday.