Saturday, January 17, 2009

And Now, a Little More BSP

The San Jose Mercury News likes BREAKING COVER:

"Breaking Cover," by North Carolina lawyer J.D. Rhoades, is terrific. It kind of eases readers up to the hook like a good fly fisherman, with comfortable opening pages, then yanks the hook deep along about Page 12 or so, and after that the reader is just done for, like a trout dancing in a stream at the end of a long line.

Dance around all you want; you're going to stick with this book, which is a stand-alone from the author of the Jack Keller series.

A big thanks to reviewer John Orr!


Mark Terry said...

Really, Dusty, could we refrain from using the phrase "Sarah Palin" and "heartbeat away from the presidency" in one sentence unless there's also "not a snowball's chance in hell" in there somewhere?

Caveat said...

So, how can I buy your book so that you get the best royalty on my purchase?