Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Your Indie: The Contest by Joe Hill

Passing this along, from paranormal suspense writer Joe Hill, author of the excellent HEART- SHAPED BOX:

Joe Hill Fiction
Okay, been thinking about this whole March-is-love-your-Indie-Bookstore month, and I realized trying to guilt people into going shopping with their local guy sucks. We don’t need guilt here; we need a contest.

So here’s introducing March-is-love-your-Indie-Bookstore: The Contest.

How to Play: Go to a local independent bookstore. Buy something. Save the receipt. Send a photo or scan of the receipt to this address: Make sure either your e-mail or your receipt includes the name and phone number of the bookstore in question.

Prize: At the end of March I’ll have a random drawing, and send the winner a signed slipcased copy of GUNPOWDER.

BUT WAIT! There’s more. As this thing goes along, I’ll be adding other signed editions of other books for other randomly drawn winners. Stay tuned.

Spread the word, Hellions!

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Fran said...

As a bookseller at an indie, what a GREAT idea! Thanks, Joe! And Dusty, for passing the word.