Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bill Kristol Channels Baghdad Bob

The affable boob Bill Kristol reaches deep into his Big Bag O'Bullshit today to earnestly tell us why Arlen Specter's switch to the Democrats is Good News for Republicans!

Summary: Hey, nothing's our fault now because we're completely out of power! We can't do anything! Isn't this AWESOME?!

Actually, upon reflection, he may have a point, just not the one he thinks he's making. The modern Republican party has proven that they're an absolute disaster when actually called on to DO anything. They're in their true element when out of power, because then they can stomp their little feet and throw teabaggy tantrums over stuff they've heard the Democrats are doing, or have a "secret plan" to do, and we know it's true because the voices in Rush Limbaugh's Oxycontin-addled head say so.

And isn't it great that the Republicans, the party of the "unitary executive" theory (not to mention the party of "sit down and shut up" for eight years), have suddenly become fans of checks and balances? It'd be even nicer if they meant it.


Anonymous said...

"Hey, nothing's our fault now because we're completely out of power! We can't do anything! Isn't this AWESOME?!"

If they blow one more election, this might actually be the GOP's salvation. The current "talent" pool will get shoved aside by younger folk who can afford to win or lose based on "WTF? We haven't tried that yet anyway."

Which is sort of how parties generally renew themselves.

JD Rhoades said...

Could be, Jim. The Democratic Party didn't regain power by moving farther to the left; it got back in the saddle by moving to the center. This, of course, caused their own hardliners (including the increasingly tiny community of Naderites) to bitch that "there's no difference between the parties".

However, there is one difference between the current Democrats and the current Republicans: the Democrats don't let those hardliners run things. The problem with the current Republican party is that soon there won't be any of those "younger folk" left. They'll all have left to become "Blue Dog" Dems, and the only debate will be between factions in the Democratic Party. I don't actually regard this as a good thing.

David said...

After the Rs pushing of the idea that "President" is a nine-letter word for "King" (a.k.a. the "unitary executive" theory) I don't think I'll ever believe that they really mean it when they tout checks and balances.