Monday, May 18, 2009

Will They Never Learn?

The story made short: wingnut columnist Andrew Breitbart was having a cocktail with the missus at "an elegant, white-veneered hotel along the ritzy Santa Monica shoreline" when he saw a protest that triggered his Spasmodic Wingnut Outrage Reflex. Assuming that it was a protest against all things good and true and American, and that the "anti-warriors were trying to destroy the peaceful seaside vibe and our pleasant Jose Cuervo buzz," Breitbart proceeded to make a colossal ass of himself as only someone in the throes of Spasmodic Wingnut Outrage can do:

I jumped from my seat and bolted to the center of the balcony, where the American flag waved furiously in a now-harsh wind. Positioned next to Old Glory, I countered the young punk and reached out my right arm directing my middle finger in his direction.

Yeah, that'll learn 'em.

Later, however, he found out the protest was against the enslavement and use of children as soldiers in Uganda and the Congo. To Breitbart's credit, he's actually against that. And he admits he was a jerk: "OK, fine. I messed up."

Yep. He did. And Breitbart is to be commended for admitting it.

But the problem is, this is the sort of shit that wingnuts pull all the time. Whether it's a conniption over Rachael Ray's scarf, or a freakout about Obama allegedly flying someone across the country to make him pizza, or some hoax about Michelle Obama ordering lobster and caviar from room service on the campaign trail, these idiots never stop to think or check their facts they throw one of their little tantrums.

Will this be an object lesson to the wingnuttosphere? Will they start thinking or getting facts straight before letting the Spasmodic Wingnut Outrage Reflex take over their frontal lobes?

Well, in the words of the website where I first saw this story: Sadly, No!


Tom said...

It's a tangent, but This Just In, from the LA Times:

"Reporting from Washington -- The Supreme Court rejected appeals today from two hold-out counties in Southern California that object to the state's 13-year-old medical marijuana law and claimed it should be struck down as violating the federal drug-control act.

"Without comment, the court turned down the pair of appeals.

"The action likely will clear the way for patients in San Diego and San Bernardino counties to seek county-issued identification cards that show they are eligible to possess and use marijuana.

"These identification cards have been required under state law since 2004, but the two counties have refused to issue them. Their lawyers had asserted the state's authorization for using medical marijuana conflicted with the zero-tolerance policy set by federal law."

I am amazed and pleased, and awaiting the wingnuttery sure to follow.

Celine said...

As noted in the comments on Sadly, No!, he acknowledged that he fucked up but didn't get as far as offering any sort of apology... and apparently now considers himself the victim in the story. Without regret and atonement, there is no redemption -- even the Old Testament of which conservatives are so fond is very clear about that.