Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Something Tells Me "Criminal Mastermind" Is Not The Career Path For You


Man Rapes Girlfriend, Streams It Live on the Internet:

JUNE 3--An Arizona man allegedly used a webcam to broadcast his sexual assault of an unconscious woman live on the Internet, according to police. Johnathan Hock, 20, was arrested Monday and charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, and unlawful surreptitious photo. According to the below probable cause affidavit sworn by a Phoenix Police Department detective, Hock attacked his 20-year-old girlfriend--who had passed out after a night of drinking--in her own bedroom in late-February. As first reported by the East Valley Tribune, Hock allegedly used a laptop connected to the Internet to stream the 30-minute assault, which was broadcast live via the web site. Hock posted frequently to and "is very popular on this site and is well known for his sex related behaviors," witnesses told police.

Arizona investigators learned of the video from a Louisiana woman who had viewed it online. The witness said that while Hock assaulted the woman (whom he had been dating for two weeks), he was "laughing and making comments...about how the victim would never know what was happening to her because she was 'passed out.'"

Yeah, cunning plan there, Jon.

This raises so many questions. Like how this deranged fuckwit wound up with a girlfriend in the first place. Or how someone can learn how to operate a computer, much less figure out how to stream his criminal activities to the Internet, all while being too stupid to figure out that someone was going to see it and report it. I guess it's just as well he is so made it easier to catch the little perv.

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Anonymous said...

But, Dusty, it's okay! She was asleep and his girlfriend. Therefore it's legal.

Well, that's what Rick told me back in high school, and he should know. He became a police chief.

Oh, wait. He was fired when the prosecutor indicted him for rape.

He got out two years ago.