Friday, August 14, 2009

Billy Mays Won't Be Selling Health Insurance Any More. Does This Seem Right To You?

iCan pulls Billy Mays commercial:

TMZ reports that "Today (Aug. 13) is the last day you'll be seeing the late, great Billy Mays endorse health insurance -- the company behind one of the legendary pitchman's most recent commercials has officially pulled the spot off the air. . . For the record, the company did get the OK from the family to continue running Billy's ad -- and Billy's son also made the following point on his Twitter page, "When actors die, their movies continue to play, right?"

But here's the problem: Would a company selling a health insurance product really want it's pitchman to be a guy who recently died at the age of 50, with the autopsy report suggesting that cocaine was a factor? That's the problem.

Well, shoot. I'm going to miss calling out "Dead Man Yelling!" every time a Mays ad comes on the air.

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Anonymous said...

His other ads will likely still run.

Ask me again when he wakes me up at 3 AM selling MIGHT PUTTY!