Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Do I wish the Senate health care bill had a public option? Yes.

Hell, I wish both the House and the Senate bills just said "fuck it, we're going single payer," but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Do I wish the version of health care reform that seems to be coming out of this fight went further? Yes.

Do I think Joe Lieberman's an asshole who needs to have his committee chairmanship stripped from him and whose office space should be removed forthwith to a broom closet in the Senate office building? Oh, HELL yes.

Do I want any health care reform AT ALL killed because I don't get everything I want in this bill?


I realize that politics is the art of the possible. If you can't get everything you want, you get everything you can get, and regroup to fight another day.

But that's a position, voiced by Nate Silver and John Podesta, that seems to draw the kind of vicious attacks and accusations of betrayal that remind me of the shit that got thrown by the wingnuts during the run-up to Gulf War II. Read the comments to those linked posts if you doubt me.

I took this crap for eight goddamn years from the wingnuts, I'm damned if I'll put myself out there and take it from my own side. It makes me want to punch someone in the face.

I'm also sick to fucking death of the "Obama's No Different From Bush!" bullshit that I'm hearing more and more.

In short, I'm beginning to hate these so-called 'progressives' as much as I hate wingnuts.

So I'm backing away for a while. No political posts from me, other than the newspaper columns. I may just post about books and weird stuff I find. I may just shut the whole blog down.

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