Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Moments in Wingnut Outrage

Sadly, No!:

The short version: wingnut blogger gets his knickers in the customary  wad over a sign he sees at a protest that says SASQUATCH ISRAEL. Because, you know, leftists hate Israel and therefore they think its right to existence is a myth, and so they're calling it Sasquatch. Or something.

Only problem is, what the sign really says is...wait for it: SASQUATCH IS REAL.

The funniest part is the wingnut's pissy little response when he's caught out.


Bill Crider said...

This is great. Best laugh of the week.

Celine said...

I will point out that "Isreal" is a very common misspelling for "Israel" online, and not just on right-wing blogs. So I might buy an argument that the alleged professor was suffering from IBV*... except that he also missed the very clear space between the two words. Nope, this is just AABS**.

* Internet Brain Virus -- the tendency for frequently-encountered online misspellings to blur or overwrite the correct one, especially when reading or writing in a hurry.

** Another Asshole Being Stupid