Saturday, November 27, 2010

Poor Baby

Palin attacks media over coverage of North Korea gaffe

Seems that the most thin-skinned politician in the US today has her knickers in the usual twist over how MEAN people are being to her because she slipped up on Glenn Beck's show and said North Korea was our ally.

Now, a normal person would just laugh it off and go , "Heh, yeah, I misspoke." Not the Resigning Woman, who never misses a chance to stir up resentment and anger among her supporters over how her delicate feelings are hurt. And, of course, she's gone to the old "Obama did it too!" counterattack.

Yeah, Sarah, the President has made a few stumbles, like the time he said during the campaign that he'd been to "fifty-seven" states.

Yes, I cut Obama some slack for a simple slip of the tongue, and you know what? I'd do the same for you, if you and your wingnut dimwit brigade hadn't been clamoring for two years that that slip really meant that Obama doesn't really know how many states there are, or that he meant Islamic states and that that showed he really IS a Secret Mooslim. Or something.

So you can just suck it up, dear. Sauce for the goose, etc.

I cannot WAIT for this woman to run for President. The meltdown is going to be EPIC.


SPN Headlines said...

Hi JD!

Sarah Palin said President Obama is "a big pansy" for pardoning two turkeys on Wednesday....REVEALING exclusive at:

Peace! :-)

JD Rhoades said...


Anonymous said...

Seems that Obama and Palin have more in common than we thought. Both can talk big, but neither could run a lemonade stand. The sheep that vote these people into power deserve both of them.

RWB in Cleveland

Mark Terry said...

To me the most telling thing about Palin in this context is her unwillingness to take credit for what comes out of her mouth. I agree--the media makes a lot of her mistakes (and God forbid the media should just IGNORE her--oh, please, media, JUST IGNORE HER)--but c'mon, if you're going to run your mouth on every subject imaginable people are going to challenge what you say.