Sunday, January 09, 2011

John Scalzi Nails it, Again

Giffords Shooting Follow-up:

If your political messaging traffics in rhetoric heavy on gun imagery and revolution of the overthrow-y sort, then when someone shoots a congressperson who you opposed, then guess what: You get to spend some uncomfortable moments in the spotlight being asked if it’s not reasonable to suspect a connection between your rhetoric and the actions of a shooter targeting someone you’ve opposed. You also get to spend time being asked if, in fact, your rhetoric isn’t overblown, simplistic and on balance detrimental to the nation’s body politic. Querulous complaints about the unfairness of this can be reasonably overruled by others; the time to complain about your bed is before you make it.

So quit whining, right wingers. You brought all this criticism on yourself.


Gerard Saylor said...

Howard Stern had a good comment today about Boehner. How come Boehner cries all the time over most anything, but does not start crying when reading a statement regarding the shooting in Tucson?

Steve Malley said...

'The time to complain about your bed is before you make it.'