Saturday, March 19, 2011

PUSHING ICE, Alastair Reynolds

Pushing IcePushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Janus, one of Saturn's moons, has started moving on an outbound course for the stars. The comet-mining ship Rockhopper, captained by Bella Lind, is sent to shadow it and find out what's going on. As Rockhopper draws near, things get weird.

Then they get really weird.

I've always enjoyed Alastair Reynold's books, but in all the ones I've read before this, there's usually a point where the story starts to drag and I feel like I have to push through. That didn't happen with PUSHING ICE; the story hooked me early on and kept me turning pages. It's one of those books I found myself picking up in every spare moment, just to see what happened next.

As some other reviewers have observed, character development is not Reynold's forte, but there's enough great story here to make up for the lack, with catastrophes, mutinies, murders, betrayals, friendships lost and found, and some truly alien aliens. This is space opera done right.

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