Saturday, April 30, 2011

THE DRAGON FACTORY, Jonathan Maberry

The Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger, #2)The Dragon Factory by Jonathan Maberry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joe Ledger and Echo Team are back, kicking ass and taking names, then checking the list of names and kicking everyone's ass again just to make sure. This time, Joe and the DMS (Department of Military Sciences) are up against not just one, but two teams of mad scientists monkeying around with the human genome. One group's literally making monsters; the other's winding up what they call the Extinction Clock for a multi-racial genocide that makes the Final Solution look puny.

This is another great, fast, fun read from Jonathan Maberry. There are a couple of spots where the multiple sets of villains make the story a little confusing ("Wait, which bad guy's island lair is this again?") There's also one spot where the story gets derailed for a stretch of exposition, including the dreaded "as you know Bob". But when the flag goes up and the shooting (and cutting, and punching and kicking, etc) starts, you forget all of this, because no one--no one--writes action scenes better than Jonathan Maberry. Part of the secret to that is that by the time the action begins, Maberry has given you enough of a peek into the warrior hearts of the characters that you really care what happens to them, and it hurts when they fall.

Highly recommended.

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