Friday, April 08, 2011

He Must Be a Writer (Click for Full Size)


Dana King said...

This is funny on a couple of levels. I first heard this "1 to 10" scale used by doctors a few years ago and almost laughed out loud. If 10 is the worst pain imaginable, then I doubt we'd be having such a conversation at anything worse than 5, maybe 6 if you're a true stoic.

I always preferred adjectives, even before I cared about writing. "I'm not in pain, but it's uncomfortable." "It doesn't hurt so much as it's sore." "Ouch! Goddamnit, don't do that again of I'll break your effing hand!"

I think those are much better at getting the point across than, "3."

droewyn said...

@Dana -

Exactly. This came up when I was in the hospital a couple months ago, and I had to point out that since my 10 is the time both my knees collapsed -- which I passed out from -- 4 does not mean "mild pain, no need to medicate more".

In the future I think I'll use the Hyperbole and a Half pain scale. It's much more... precise.