Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moderate, Reasonable, Bipartisan, and Completely Doomed.

Jon Huntsman Kicks Off Campaign (VIDEO)

You know, if he had a chance in hell of getting the nomination, Barack Obama might have something to worry about in Jon Huntsman. He's smart, articulate, a fiscal conservative, and he's got some serious credentials, as well as good hair. Not as good as Romney's, but still very presidential hair.

But there's no way in hell the teabaggers and other crazies will let a guy who said he'd accept an individual health insurance mandate, believes in addressing the problem of global warming, and has actually worked for Barack Obama through the primary process.

Dead man walking, Jon. Dead man walking.


Anonymous said...

Besides, it looks like he said "less compassionate" as if it were a bad thing.

Fran said...

He's also willing to let us gay folks stay married if we're in States that allow it.

Doomed. Just doomed.

Gerard Saylor said...