Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's What I Remember

Now that all the remembrances of 9/11 are over, I finally felt I could say what I wanted to say. But as usual, Jon Stewart said it better.

Here are my memories of the time since that day:

I remember Falwell's "you helped cause this" comment and what a shock it was to see that kind of hate-as-usual, two days after the event that was supposed to bring us together.

I remember someone writing the local paper  within six months and claiming that, if you voted for Bill Clinton, you helped cause all those deaths and all that tragedy on 9/11. I particularly remember it because that person was my own father. That wound's still as fresh as the day it was so casually inflicted.

I remember being called a "traitor" and "terrorist sympathizer" and people e-mailing me anonymous death threats  for opposing their Dear Leader Dubbya's Wacky Iraqi Adventure (a war I and my fellow liberals were one hundred percent right about, by the way).

I remember Ann Coulter telling people that she thought the 9/11 widows were "enjoying" their husband's deaths.

I remember Glenn Beck saying he 'hated" the families of 9/11 victims--and becoming a hero of the Right. 
So I don't want to hear a damn thing about how 9/11 unified us from anyone on the Right. They were the ones who immediately started waving the bloody shirt and using it to divide us.

After all the hate directed against me personally and against people like me in general, starting before the smoke had even cleared, I don't want to hear a damn thing about how liberals are  hateful or the usual right wing whiny claptrap about "liberal name-calling". I don't know a name worse than traitor, and no one said a mumblin' word against anyone  calling me that since 9/11.

If you didn't stand up against it then, you can sit right the fuck down now. You have nothing to say that I want to hear.


Karen in Ohio said...

Hear, hear, Dusty.

Dana King said...

With you 100%. People I thought were my friends called me a terrorist sympathizer and traitor and accused me (and other liberals by association) of undermining the military with our attitudes. (I guess we weren't shopping enough.)

The last couple of years these same people wonder where all my venom has come from, why I'm so angry. When I'm in a good mood I tell them to kiss my ass. When I'm feeling frisky, I ask who wants it first: them, or the horse they rode in on.

JD Rhoades said...

Hell of it is, I was 100% behind the war in Afghanistan. Still was, up until very recently, when my attitude has gradually turned to "you know what? Screw that place and the corrupt bastards who run it."

But none of that made any difference. I look back on the columns I wrote back then and they're surprisingly mild. And for that, I was told by the anonymous Keyboard Kommandos that what I really wanted was for the terrorists to attack again, because I hated America.

Tammy Cravit said...

Right on the money. And not only are we using 9/11 as a club to beat up people with whom we disagree, we continue to perpetuate a climate of fear and mistrust and us/them divisiveness in this country, which is exactly what the terrorists wanted in the first place. Proof? Just take a commercial airline flight someplace.

As someone who has chosen the United States as her home these past 20 years, and who is mere months from becoming a naturalized citizen, I am sickened. And, yeah, what Dana said too.