Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Myth of the Liberal Media

Pew Research Center

Rick Perry received the most favorable coverage of any candidate for president during the first five months of the race, but now Herman Cain is enjoying that distinction, according to a new survey which combines traditional research methods and computer algorithmic technology to code the level and tone of news coverage.
Perry lost the mantle of the candidate enjoying the most favorable treatment to Herman Cain two weeks ago, after the Florida straw poll in which Cain scored a surprise victory. Meanwhile, though he has often led in the polls, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has received less coverage and less positive coverage than the shifting casts of frontrunners -- and that remains true even now. He ranks second in the amount of attention received, and the tone of that narrative has been unwaveringly mixed.
One man running for president has suffered the most unrelentingly negative treatment of all: Barack Obama. Though covered largely as president rather than a candidate, negative assessments of Obama have outweighed positive by a ratio of almost 4-to-1. The assessments of the president in the media were substantially more negative than positive in every one of the 23 weeks studied. In no week during these five months was more than 10% of the coverage about the President positive in tone.

Liberal Media My Ass.


Randy Johnson said...

The "Liberal" media is still the cry of those who don't wish too close a scrutiny. Blame every negative on the Liberal media. Never mind any character flaws or lack of expertise I might have.

And the sad thing is, it works every time.

I have a longtime friend who still maintains "Caribou Barby" is more qualified than Obama.

Charlieopera said...

Brother, you are one loyal democrat.

I had to google Obama's sending troops to Africa last week less than half an hour after it was reported.

Another day, another war. Haven't heard a thing about it since.

And I think there was something in there about him pulling back some of his tissue paper health care plan last week too.

Another day, another fold.

I'll give you this, JD, you're consistent.

I don't know about Caribou Barby being more qualified, but I know a few people who didn't finish high school who wouldn't have handed over $100, never mind $700 billion, no strings attached.

Dana King said...

I agree about the "Liberal media" misnomer, but, to be fair, Obama's success rate lately is probably about 20%, so we can't complain about the coverage.

Charlieopera said...

The latest Obama headline from the Washington Post (this morning):

Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations

They sure know how to hedge their bets, those Wall Street types.

Positive or negative?