Thursday, February 23, 2012


At least night's Republican debate, a viewer-generated question about where the candidates stand on birth control drew boos from the typical GOP debate mob:

Now, since this has been a big topic recently, it would seem a legitimate question to ask. But asking about the GOP frontrunner's radical position on birth control--something a lot of women rely on their health insurance to be able to afford-- interferes with the Republicans'  favorite bait and switch: they get into office convincing independents and moderates they’re for jobs, low taxes and less government, then immediately forget all that the moment they’re sworn in and start trying to limit the reproductive choices of women and restrict the rights of LGBT people (while continuing to spend money on their pet issues  as if nothing had happened). 

Santorum and Gingrich are scaring the hell out of the Party establishment because they won’t keep their mouths shut about it, and they know the whole world is watching, not just the far right. 

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Jim Winter said...

We're overdue for a "realignment" president. Lincoln was one. McKinley tag-teamed with Teddy Roosevelt as the next, then Kennedy, then Reagan.

Right now, this Republican slate is a shining example of how the major parties are still living in their most recent glory decades, sixites for the Dems, eighties for the GOP.

And that's why we're broke and confused.