Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Country Noir, by Bill Ott

THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND gets a shout out from Booklist's Bill Ott in the article Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Country Noir in Booklist Online:

This  supercharged crime-fiction debut, in which bounty hunter Jack Keller, a Gulf War vet with a head full of nightmares, tracks a couple of dumb and dumber ex-cons, is the narrative equivalent of a string of homemade bombs timed to explode at random along the North Carolina back roads. Like Stephen Hunter’s Dirty White Boys, however, this is not simply a car chase with fireworks; Rhoades builds his rampaging white boys from the ground up, and Keller is the kind of flawed noir hero whom women want to nurse, cops want to bust, and bad guys want to hurt.

The article also features Elmore Leonard, Frank Bill, and a lot of other people who I am humbly honored to be numbered among. Check it out. And thanks, Bill! 

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Dana King said...

Well deserved. As i think I noted in my review, THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND reminded me of an episode of JUSTIFIED written by Steven Hunter. So that checks two names off the list of honorable mentions.

Do you have any more plans for jack Keller?