Monday, May 14, 2012

Lawyers, Guns and Money FREE Through Wednesday!

 Lawyers, Guns and Money 

"Every bit as good at writing legal thrillers as Michael Connelly, you will not be disappointed by reading any of JD Rhoades' novels." -Reader review by "Jenni". 
"His characters are full and deep and real." -S. Malley 

"Your client being found in the presence of a dead body is widely regarded as a bad thing among the defense bar."- Andy Cole 

Andy Cole has a problem. Local crime boss Voit Fairgreen has just dropped a bag full of cash on his desk and hired him to defend Voit's brother Danny on a murder charge. Andy's one of the movers and shakers in the small southern town of Blainesville, and Voit figures Andy's the kind of inside guy that can cut a deal to get his baby brother out of the jam. 

The problem is that Danny just might be innocent. But someone powerful needs this case buried, and if an innocent man dies for that, so be it. 

Andy Cole is a guy who's made a good living by going along to get along. He's been willing to bend every rule, except Rule One--always get paid. But this case will cause him to re-examine his life and push him and his lover, beautiful newspaper editor Elizabeth Sinclair, to risk everything--including their lives-- for the truth. 

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