Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Which I Am Dissed by the Washington Post

It seems my recent column on Bryce Harper and "Clown Question, bro" drew the attention of  Washington Post sports columnist Dan Steinberg: 

The awesomely named lawyer wrote a column on Bryce Harper for the Southern Pines (N.C.) Pilot. Filing his dispatch from outer space, Rhoades noted “the rise and fall of the catch phrase ‘That’s a clown question, bro,’ which apparently was coined, had its vogue, and was declared dead in the course of a week. And I seem to have missed the whole thing.
“It seems there’s a young player for baseball’s Washington Nationals named Bryce Harper.”
Indeed. It seems there is.
Mr. Steinberg was apparently amused and/or miffed by the fact that I felt the need to explain who Bryce Harper is. Sorry, Dan. As I've said before, politics is my baseball. (Actually, it's "politics is my football," but it's the same idea). 
But thanks for the shout out, Mr. Steinberg. Glad you like the name! 


DiscoDollyDeb said...

Being dissed by the Washington Post? Wear it like a badge of honor!

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