Thursday, September 05, 2013

Marketing: Joe Quinn Is Doing It Wrong

So this guy's called my office a couple of times, identifying himself as "Joe Quinn" and claiming to be a potential DWI client. When Lynn asks him if he'd like to make an appointment, he gets rude to her and says he'll only talk to me (mistake #1, as Lynn is also my wife).

The area code on the message looks a little odd, so I check and see it's a NYC number. Then Lynn Googles it and finds out that not only is the guy trying to sell space on his crappy "legal referral website", there are multiple other testimonials from people talking about how he's been rude to other attorneys' staffs and lied about being a potential client. 

Marketing: Joe Quinn is doing it wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since I started writing C# code for a living, this company started calling me at work, looking to recruit me for their client. They never call my cell (on the appropriate forums). They call our receptionist and say, "I'm a friend of Jim's..."

The last one I asked, "So, how is getting me fired going to make me want to come in for an interview?"