Friday, January 24, 2014

Calling All Wingnuts: The "Both Sides Do It" Challenge.

Whenever anyone points out some racist, violent, misogynistic, or just plain nutty statement like any of the ones below: 

It's not long before someone comes along at says "well, Democrats say crazy shit too." And every time, it's usually one of a very few statements, like the one about Guam tipping over or some WTF? statement from Maxine Waters, or Barack Obama's "57 states" stumble. 

So here's the challenge: can anyone provide me with an example of any Democratic politician calling for the killing of political opponents, advocating allowing rape inside of marriage, claiming some disaster or disease is God's punishment for not following their religious belief, or calling for a city to be turned into an internment camp? Feel free to respond in comments. 

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Aimless Writer said...

So true! Did you hear what Huckabee said about Dems, woman and their libido??? These wingnuts need to go to the school of commons sense because they have none!