Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Rand Paul: Fuck you.

So now that the Iraq War is over, Rand Paul takes the courageous step of actually doing something to repeal the legal authorization for it. *slow sarcastic clap*.

Look here, you preppy asshole, I was against that war when some people regarded it as treason and weren't shy about telling me so. (My favorite was the e-mail warning me that "They hanged Benedict Arnold, you know," which managed to be both vaguely threatening and historically inaccurate). I wrote about what a bad idea it was to invade Iraq when it actually had fucking consequences, like my own father publicly stating in a letter to the local newspaper that people like me and my wife were responsible for 9/11. 

Fuck you, Rand Paul. Fuck you with a rusty fence post wrapped in barbed wire.


JTG in Detroit said...
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Dana King said...

I know exactly what you mean and feel, though I didn't have my father turn on me. I was called a terrorist sympathizer and traitor by people I thought were my friends if I even questioned any Bush policies. For Rand Paul and others to try to wash the blood off their hands is contemptuous.

David said...

If the legal authorization for the Iraq War should be repealed, either for form's sake or to close a loophole, let that be introduced by someone who was against it from the get-go, preferably someone who voted against it.

As for your last sentence, I agree on general principle, with the proviso that the barbed wire also be rusty.