Thursday, January 09, 2014

What A Long Strange Trip, Amazon Edition or: Bring On the Drones!

Okay, so on December 30th, I use the last of the Amazon gift card my mom got me (thanks, Mom!) to buy a new set of headphones to use on the computer. I'd borrowed a pair of the same brand (Skullcandy Uprocks) from my son when he left them here, and I really liked them, even better than the pair of Sennheisers I bought a couple years ago which have been nothing but problems and finally crapped out when the wire broke near the plug (which is how most headphones die).

They are very nice headphones, and I'm enjoying them. But they took over a week to arrive, and I can show you why.

The 'phones were shipped from Amazon's warehouse and fulfillment center in Whitestown, Indiana. From Whitestown to Carthage, North Carolina where I live is 628 road miles, like so:

(all distances courtesy Google Maps)

Except that's not how they got here. From there they went  to Edison NJ, to Queens NY, all the way back to Hebron Ky (south of Cincinnati and 134 miles from the originating point) to Charlotte NC to Carthage NC, a total distance of 2009 miles:

 No wonder the things took so long to get  to my house (and missed the projected delivery date by 2 days). What's funniest about this is that the name of this shipping method is-wait for it-- "FedEx Smartpost."

I suppose there is a rationale that makes traveling 2009 miles to go 638 "smart," but I'm too simple minded to see it, I guess.

 Bring on the delivery drones!

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Anonymous said...

On very rare occasions, UPS will do this. Normally when I order or ship UPS ground, the package follows a straight line. But...

The rare example that explains why UPS (not Amazon) says "two weeks" came when I worked for BigHugeCo. I had to ship a computer from Cincinnati to Des Moines, Iowa. To save that remote office money, I shipped ground, as I always did at the time. UPS took the package to, naturally, Hebron, KY, which is where our airport, CVG, is located. So far, so good. The package landed two days later in E. Des Moines. Wow! The five days I promised were going to be overnight. Awesome!

Er... No.

From E. Des Moines, the package went to Long Beach, CA, Sacramento, Portland, OR, Denver, Houston, and, two weeks after making it to Hebron, KY, Des Moines, IA.

No one's ever been able to explain to me why that happens.