Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Inside The GOP Establishment's War To Crush The Tea Party Revolt--Talking Points Memo:

"I've been told by a number of donors to our 'super PAC' that they've received calls from senior Republican senators," FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe told The New York Times. Those donors would then say to FreedomWorks, per Kibbe, that "'I can't give to you because I've been told I won't have access to Republican leadership.'"
It was a sentiment echoed by The Madison Project's policy director Daniel Horowitz to TPM on Tuesday: "It’s almost as if McConnell and his allies are acting like the IRS with intimidation."

Actually, I'm a little torn. On the one hand, I would like to see those Teabagger bastards crushed, humiliated, and made to go sit in the corner, the sooner the better. On the other hand, watching a protracted and bloody civil war in the GOP, with the establishment battling the very mobs they used to whip into a frenzy to get votes, would provide months of entertainment. Question is, on which side will Faux News come down?

Still, groups like The Madison Project and the Senate Conservatives Fund seem unlikely to back down, and they may just prove that Republican leadership still has to fight its own party on some fronts.
"We’re not getting hurt by this because our donors are primarily ordinary conservatives across the country who are not intimidated by or even connected to people in the political class," Horowitz said.

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