Monday, July 31, 2006

Here's What I Don't Get

When I first heard that Mel Gibson had started an anti-semitic tirade during his recent DWI arrest, I have to admit I was a little skeptical.

It seemed just a little too convenient that, after the whole "Is Passion of the Christ anti-semitic?" brouhaha from last year, Mel would start raging against Jews in public, including yelling about how "the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

But after it was confirmed by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, I guess it's true.

But here's what I don't get: how the hell does this subject even come up during a traffic stop?

I mean, it's just such a non sequitir. It's as if when a cop approached me after pulling me for speeding, I started talking about "you know, officer, religion is the opiate of the masses...."

"That's nice, sir, now I need your license and registration..."

I mean, after a few drinks, I ain't exactly linear in my thinking, but that's just bizarre.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Frankenstein never scared me.

Flick Masters said...

I must admit I thought exactly the same thing: this is something that someone made up. The words attributed to him seemed to magically confirm every bad thing his critics said about him.

The truly sad thing is, it was completely true.

Anonymous said...

The man is an admitted alcoholic. What he said is reprehensible and sad and inexcusable. But he has obviously lost the handle on his disease and needs to get back into therapy or AA. I'm not a fan of his, but I hope he gets (obviously) needed help.


Stephen Blackmoore said...

What's worse is that the LA Sheriff's Department tried to cover the whole thing up. Made the deputy rewrite the report, but then word got out, and it's looking like they even have a videotape of him.

It gets better, though. It's looking like this is the third time this has happened to Mr. Gibson. The other two times he was let go, too.

Ah, I love me the celebrities.

Richard said...

Drunks say the darndest things! Maybe he's trying to drink the 700 million dollars he has in the bank.

nathan said...

Of the various times I've been pulled over for speeding, and swerving, and flashing my brights on and off in a strobelight-like fashion at 2:30am, I'll often wait until the officer makes it to my window, then I'll nod toward the 15 year old Czech prostitute in the passenger seat with the eightball stuffed in her (or his) undergarments and I'll say to the officer, "Freemasons, you unnerstan'. Freemasons." My companion and I will then tap the sides of our noses knowingly.
I think Mel was just attempting a similar tactic. If it works just once, you know. . .

Kim Mizar-Stem said...

What is it with people and celebrities - I just don't get it! O.J., Michael Jackson.....what the hell? Men and women who "protect and serve" are supposed to be above this sort of thing...what if he had hurt someone?

Sandra Scoppettone said...

"I mean, after a few drinks, I ain't exactly linear in my thinking, but that's just bizarre."

After a few drinks is very different from someone who has the disease of alcoholism. The subject came up because in his drunkeness Gibson brought it up. Believe me, it doesn't take much when you're an alcoholic.

gdsnide said...

What's the big deal with Mel Gibson?
If he had said "rednecks started all the wars it would have been forgotten by now.
Seems to many people in this world wear their feelings on their sleeves & are just waiting to be ( Hate this word) offended.
So he doesn't like the Jews. Big deal. Isn't this the land of the free,etc. Have the thought Police taken over already.
Heck, the jews are still whining about WW2 ( Which was tragic) but that was fifty years ago. Also, if you're interested no one ever brings up Japan & all the horrible things they did during WW2.
Historical Note... One had a better chance of living thru German captivity than Japanese.
I think what it is ,is the dumbing down of America.Anything a Movie Star say's people believe like he was a learned person of the world when in truth they just got Lucky & got in the big bucks so everyone finds a little joys in standing on his shoulders so they can look a little taller.
One man's opinion. That's all it was & what it should have stayed.
I'm sure worse has been said to the Police & everyone of them doesn't make the news.
But, good publicity or bad as long as your name is in the paper people remember you.
So, let Mel take care of Mel & U take care of U & don't worry or believe every damn word a movie star says.

gdsnide said...

Everyone has the right to their own opinion & I'm sure if he said "The Rednecks have started all the Wars" it wouldn't have made the news.
Jews... They're still whining abut WW2 ( Which was tragic_ but that was 50 years ago.)
Seems like to me it should be called the dumbing down of America when every word a Movie Star makes is taken as the absolute truth by the public.
I just wonder if it's just that a lot of people can make them selves feel bigger by trying to stand on Mel's shoulders?
People. get your feelings off your sleeves & lighten up.
Have the THOUGHT POLICE came to America or can we still express our opinions?
Form your own thoughts & quit letting the Newspapers & TV tell U how to think.

travelinlady said...

Mr. Gibson seems to be a living example of what it appears that he was trying to portray in the Passion of Christ...that is, there is none, not even Mr. Gibson himself, who is without sin and we all need a savior. Why is it that the world thinks that because he produced the Passion of Christ that he would be without faults himself. The Passion of Christ was from the Bible. If we have a problem with the story it seems to me that our beef is with the Writer of the book, rather than the screenwriter Mr. Gibson. I agree with gdsnide, if he had said "rednecks" would we be blogging about it right now? The man was drunk for goodness sake. Do you know of anyone who gets drunk and doesn't say things that are out of their character or that they don't mean. I am by no means trying to justify his behavior. That is between him and his God. Seems to me that the cross in his movie is not the only crucifixion going on here! With everything that is going on in the Middle East and the problems in our own country why is the world worrying about what one man said who was drunk just because he is well known. If I was drunk in L.A., pulled over by the police, and I said the same thing would anyone care?

David Terrenoire said...

"Jews... They're still whining abut WW2 ( Which was tragic_ but that was 50 years ago.)"

Now here's the perfect example of the dumbing down of America.

And what's all this stuff about Jesus? Christians are still whining about the crucifixion (which was tragic - but that was 2000 years ago.)

JD Rhoades said...

I agree with gdsnide, if he had said "rednecks" would we be blogging about it right now?

I would.


Don't recall ever being on it. Just making an observatin about how strange the whole thing is.

Seems to me that the cross in his movie is not the only crucifixion going on here!

Mel Gibson died for your sins!

Anonymous said...

Oh brother! Mel Gibson is just as human as the rest of us. Who on this earth doesn't regret saying things (or doing things for that matter) when they are drunk? I'll still go see his movies and I hope he gets back on the road to recovery.