Monday, August 07, 2006

One For Bill Crider

Paris Hilton Explains Why She Dances On Tables:

Paris Hilton insists on dancing on nightclub banquettes and stages, because she has a uncontrollable fear of sweat.

image hosted by The aspiring singer, 25, is regularly photographed dancing from a height at nightclubs across the world, looking down at her fellow partygoers. Hilton explains, "I dance on the banquettes, just below the tables because I don't want to be on the dancefloor with everyone sweating on me. It's gross. I hate sweat. It grosses me out. Sweaty guys gross me out. I just don't want to be near sweat in a
club. "

Yeah, shug, I can see how that would be a real problem. Kudos on your, ah, creative solution.

I don't know why everybody thinks you're a dumbass.


Bill said...

Dang. I don't see how I missed this one, Dusty, but thanks for posting it. The world needs all the P.H. news it can get.

Kim Mizar-Stem said...

Dear Lord - - -bless her heart!

Kristy said...

You know, I WAS losing sleep over that one. Thank god the mystery has been solved at last. Sweat. Who knew?

You just wanted the Google hits, didn't you?

Chris Everheart said...

That's not SWEAT!

Tasha Alexander said...

I knew she had a good reason.

But I'll sleep better at night knowing what it is.