Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wingnuts Unhinged IV: The Right Wing Hates America


The morbidly obese American people put down their spoons for 5 minutes and hauled their huge butts into voting booth and sacrificed the rest of us to the domination of the sleazy, corrupt, slimy democrats


Yes, and go to shopping malls to buy sneakers with lights in them.


You hit it right on the head my friend . The majority of Americans are moron [SIC] in my book . TV watching , basketball brained , lunkheads. They believe the 5:00 news is real . You would NOT believe how dumb most people are here in the NY metro area when it comes to politics and history .


This country is insane . People we would have hung as traitors at one time are now elected to office.

The Right: they only love America if we vote correctly. Otherwise, they hope we all get nuked.


Stephen Blackmoore said...

It's fun to watch fragile people snap, isn't it?

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

I never thought of Democrats being more obese than Republicans. I'm skeptical. Surely there's been a study done.

Alex (Democrat, and lighter than air since yesterday!!!)

Kim H said...

I've been listening to right-wing talk radio today (which I never do) just because they're going so crazy. Watching them unravel is almost as much fun as savoring the win.

PS - Congrats on your new deal! Just read it in PM.

Jim Winter said...

Hey, I remember hearing that in 2004!

From Democrats.

Exactly the same rhetoric.

We are a nation of sore losers, even when we win.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Yeah, I tuned into a talk radio station Wednesday morning and listened to Laura Ingraham (sp?) ranting about how even Borat could have beaten all the Republican candidates. Think she was saying that during the campaign?