Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alert Secret Service Agents Grabbed the Sparrow and Wrestled It To The Ground

It's just too perfect....

Bush In Line of Fire

May 24, 2007 1:50 PM

ABC's Ann Compton reports: An outdoor news conference in perfect spring weather, with birds chirping loudly in the magnolia trees, is not without its hazards.

As President Bush took a question Thursday in the White House Rose Garden about scandals involving his Attorney General, he remarked, "I've got confidence in Al Gonzales doin' the job."

Simultaneously, a sparrow flew overhead and left a splash on the President's sleeve, which Bush tried several times to wipe off.

Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino promptly put the incident through the proper spin cycle, telling ABC News, "It was his lucky day...everyone knows that's a sign of good luck."


The Meat Beetles said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mark Terry said...

Breaking News!
AP--President George W. Bush, after narrowly surviving an attack by a terrorist sparrow, has expanded the Global War On Terror to include all winged wildlife. White House spokeperson Tony Snow at a noon press conference said, "Vice-President Cheney insists that the sparrow may have been a vector for the Avian Flu Virus. He's dispatched soon-to-be-former Attorney General Gonzales to Capistrano to investigate the connection. But he assures us that the CIA has found proof of a connection between Avian Flu, the Sparrows of Capistrano, and the ruthless attack on the President."

The CIA has declined to comment. Secretary of State Rice will be meeting shortly before the U.N. Security Council to present U.S. evidence against the Sparrows of Capistrano. When asked to comment on her pending testimony, Secretary Rice said, "Get out of my fucking face, you goddamned loser."

Asked to respond to Secretary Rice's comment, President Bush said, "Huh? What?"

Mia King said...

Now THAT's what I call spin ... (actually, I call it something else, but I won't get into that here ...). ;-)

Have a great weekend, JD!