Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One Week! (Warning: BSP)

Until the paperback release of Good Day In Hell, the second Jack Keller novel.

Fast-paced and rich in regional color, this satisfying thriller is notable for its empathetic portrayal of the two emotionally damaged protagonists, each struggling with past trauma—his sustained in the first Gulf War, hers resulting from the killing of her partner—in order to form a trusting relationship. (Publisher's Weekly)

Unlike Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, who humanize their bad guys by giving them senses of humor, Rhoades portrays unrepentant, psychotic killers but manages to make us feel, almost against our will, the human hearts that beat within their violent souls. (Booklist)

Available wherever fine books are sold.


Bill Cameron said...

Congrats, JD!

Anonymous said...

I have placed my order for Good Day In Hell. Any words of wisdom on The Devil's Right Hand?

D.A. Rhoades